AGM 2022

The Lake Winnipeg Writers’ Group would like to invite all members and non-members to the Annual General Meeting on November 20th, 2022 at 12:30PM.

Among discussions of group management and production of the Voices journal, we we will also be holding discussions regarding the lack of executive management and the closing of the group. The group made the decision to freeze group operations during the AGM last year to allow for reevaluation when the Covid-19 pandemic had subsided. If you are interested in being a regular member or executive member or know someone who is, please feel welcome to attend.

We will be holding this years AGM on Zoom at the link provided below.


Time: Nov 20, 2022 12:30 PM Winnipeg

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Meeting ID: 729 1359 1781
Passcode: h3zuSa


We hope to see you there.

Author Spotlight – Tiffany Prochera


 Tiffany Prochera Headshot

Where Did Your Writing Journey Begin?

Gosh, I have been writing as long as I can remember – poems, songs, stories. There was one Christmas as a child where I regaled family and friends with an illustrated story about how Santa Claus and the elves would be affected by the then-impending Free Trade Agreement.

What Do You Like To Do When You’re Not Writing?

Music is my soul, so I’m often practicing, composing, or recording. I also have fun hosting a weekly radio show, and I have developed a love of the early morning walk in nature.

Are There Any Rituals You Must Perform Before You Can Start Writing?

Not really. I suppose I might have a cup of coffee with me but even that’s not a rule. I just sit and do, whether it’s on the couch, on the patio, or in a coffee shop!

What Has Influenced You Most As A Writer?

I think the desire to inspire and teach is the biggest driver for me. I’m not really concerned with self-expressions or whether people understand me as a individual, but if I can help people understand the world or themselves in some way (hopefully while making them laugh in the process), I’m a happy camper! I can’t say I have any role models, per se, but, come on. Who wouldn’t want to write the next Harry Potter series? 🙂

Do You Have Any Advice For Other Writers?

Just spend time writing. Don’t worry about what actually comes out of you or judge it as good or bad. You can sort things out later on. Try not to censor yourself and just write!

Where Can People Find You Online?


or leave Tiffany a message:


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    The Silver Veil by Lary Haynes

    The Silver Veil

    A pickpocket from the city streets of North America, a brother and sister orphaned by civil war in the Middle East, and two mutts with special communicative powers find themselves thrown together into an Alternate Dimension called Linkenland.

    When Rahjee, the young brother, becomes separated and lost in the mountainous Area of Whytenwhyte, with only a wolf pack for company, his sister Sasha and her new friends, Hart, Midas and Chico, must find him without losing their life “Sparks.” Their journey turns into one incredible adventure after another, taking them through huge open grasslands filled with sunshine, only to be followed by burning hot barren plains and steamy bogs full of life-threatening creatures. Along the way, the team encounters the friendly services of a half-human, half artificial named Dweebs, who helps them in their quest and shows them how to get back home to Linkenland.

    Their compelling story is one of overcoming hardships with friendship and working together as a team to ensure their survival. It’s the first of a series written for readers of all ages.

    About The Author?Lary Haynes - Headshot

    LARY HAYNES developed his passion for writing after an active professional life in a number of guises, including frontman for the rock and roll show band Three Penny Opera and as a CFP in the world of financial planning.

    Lary lives in Winnipeg, where he continues to create exciting stories for all readers.

    Read more about Lary Haynes by reading his LWWG Author Spotlight

    LWWG Support

    Lary Haynes has graciously offered to contribute $5 form each copy of The Silver Veil sold to the Lake Winnipeg Writers’ Group to support publication of the Voices Journal.

    Full details outlined in the Executive Meeting Minutes of September 26, 2020.


    Order Your Copy Today!