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2020 Contest Winners


Fishfly Awards (Youth)


No Entrants

Non-Fiction Prose

First Prize
Happy 150th Manitoba by Kylie Chic

Visual Art/Photography

No Entrants

Plover Awards (Adult)


First Prize
Weeding My Garden at Grand Marais, Why Can’t I See the Pastoral Visions of the Great European Poets? by Ron Romanowski

Second Prize
Vandals by Karen Vogt


First Prize
The Cottager’s Drama by Shannon Greer

Second Prize
Red River Man by Tania Stephanson

Visual Art/Photography

First Prize
Final Moments by Todd Holmes

Second Prize
Apple Blossoms in the Sky by Tania Stephanson

Honourable Mentions

Fishfly Award

Not Enough Entrants

Plover Award

Through the Bay Window by H. Rogue Raiders


Theme: Celebrating Manitoba’s 150th Anniversary

Deadline: May 31, 2020


  • Photography ( *New for 2020* )
  •  Adult
    • Prose – Fiction
    • Prose – Non-Fiction
    • Poetry
  • Youth
    • Prose – Fiction
    • Prose – Non-Fiction
    • Poetry



Debbie Okun HillDebbie Okun Hill - Author Image


Ishbel Moore

Visual Art/Photography

Trynda E. Adair

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Rules and Regulations


    • Contest is open to the public and LWWG Membership.
    • Judges, Contest Director and members involved with contest administration are not eligible to enter.
    • Youth entrants must be below 18 years of age.


* All entries include membership for Lake Winnipeg Writers Group for the year 2020
** Current LWWG members will receive 50% discount.
     (Please email contact@lwwg.ca if you have not received your coupon code)

Adults (18 years of age or over):

  • $20.00 for the first entry
  • $5.00 for each additional entry

Youth (under 18 years of age):

    • $10.00 for the first entry
    • $2.50 for each additional entry


    • All entrants will be awarded a one-year LWWG membership (Valid for 2020).
      • Membership benefits are listed on our website here and those who enter the contest are eligible to submit for the fall edition of the Voices Journal.
      • Non-winning contestants may resubmit their entry to our editor for consideration regarding publication in the next issue of Voices.
    • All winners will be notified via email, receive a winner’s certificate, contributor copy along with category prizes listed below.
      • Adult winners receive the Plover Award certificate.
      • Youth winners receive the Fishfly Award certificate.
    • Winners will be announced on the LWWG website.
    • Honourable Mention recipients will receive a certificate.
    • Prize winners will automatically qualify for publication in the issue of Voices following the contest.
      • Winning photos of the Visual Arts/Photography category will be used as the front and back covers for the issue of Voices following the contest.


First Prize: $100.00
Second Prize: $75.00


First Prize: $100.00
Second Prize: $75.00

Visual Art/Photography:

First Prize: Front Cover Art Photo
Second Prize: Back Cover Art Photo

Processing Entries:

    • If the number of entries in a category is insufficient to finance the prizes, that category will be closed and no prizes will be awarded.
    • Should a category be closed, contestants will be invited to send their entries to our editor for consideration in our next publication.
    • Entering the contest gives permission to LWWG to publish your entry as submitted in Voices. All winners will be published.
    • The names of all judges will appear on the LWWG website.


Submission Guidelines

    • Place the title, but no other identifying information on the submitted item.
    • No previously published work will be accepted. This includes on-line publications such as blogs and websites, or in print for public viewing, not including critique sites or groups.
    • The author must hold the copyright of the material.
    • LWWG reserves the right to reject any submission.
    • Electronic payment must accompany each entry. We accept Paypal and e-transfer.
    • A notification from Pay-Pal or e-transfer that the transaction has been processed will be your confirmation.

Poetry & Prose:

    • All entries must be submitted with the following formatting:
      • Times New Roman font
      • Size 12 font
      • .doc document type
    • The entrant’s name MUST NOT appear on the submissions.
      • Name, e-mail address and other identifying particulars will feature only on the Entry Form sent with the submission.
    • The topic/genre for any of the entries is unrestricted but must be appropriate for a general audience and relate to the contest theme.
    • Length of submissions must be in accordance to the following regulations:
      • Poetry: (adult and youth): maximum 3 pages or 1500 words
      • Fiction: (adult and youth): maximum 2500 words

Visual Art/Photography:

    • Must be 600 dpi or higher
    • Must have vivid colours, be attention grabbing and clearly focused.
    • Must include enough clear space for the title and issue numbers to show clearly.

      Voices 19 - 2 Cover


Submissions Are Now Closed.

Thank You To All Entrants, We Will Be In Contact Soon.


For additional information or if you have any questions, please contact: contact@lwwg.ca