The Lake Winnipeg Writers’ Group is a diverse group of writers based in Manitoba, Canada. For over twenty years, our literary pursuits and aspirations have drawn us together.

We offer camaraderie and publishing opportunities to LWWG members, and encourage both published and emerging writers to join us, as we host many valuable literary events, activities and online resources. LWWG’s goal is to inspire, encourage and foster creative writing everywhere!

Our publication Voices, published twice yearly, showcases the work of our talented writers. The current Voices issue –as well many of our back issues- can be purchased on this website, from the online shop. LWWG also hosts a yearly contest called “Write on the Lake”. Visit our contest page for rules and entry forms. Every fall, we publish the winning poems and short stories from our contest in Voices.

A Message From Our President.

Perhaps you think the Lake Winnipeg Writers’ Group must be based near Lake Winnipeg. You wouldn’t be far wrong but not everyone lives in the area, especially if they became members by entering a contest. In fact our members come from diverse locations and backgrounds. So you can join too.

Twice a year our anthology called Voices showcases writing from our members, and contributors receive a complimentary copy although they are free to buy more. Contributions can be poetry, prose, photography or other are, and each item has professional editing, formatting, and a minimum of three critical proof-readings.

I became a member by entering a contest and have renewed my membership every year because of the encouragement and support I have been given to develop my talents and to offer me a public forum for my work.

Beyond the writing and publication there are events, meetings, workshops and readings you will be invited to attend.

A whole writing community is waiting. Join us!

Executive Team:

President: Ann Timonin
Vice President: Tiffany Prochera
Membership Director: (Acting) Tiffany Prochera
Secretary: (Acting) Trynda E. Adair
Treasurer: Brendan Terrick
Co-Editor: Tiffany Prochera
Co-Editor: Vacant (Submit Application)
Publication: Tyra Masters-Heinrichs
Contest Director: (Acting) Trynda E. Adair
Tech and Communications Director: Trynda E. Adair
Directors at large: Debra Dusome, Lary Haynes, Nancy Clarke, Pam Larner

Contact Us:

Mailing Address:
Lake Winnipeg Writers’ Group
Box 284
Matlock, Manitoba