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Where Did Your Writing Journey Begin?

Gosh, I have been writing as long as I can remember – poems, songs, stories. There was one Christmas as a child where I regaled family and friends with an illustrated story about how Santa Claus and the elves would be affected by the then-impending Free Trade Agreement.

What Do You Like To Do When You’re Not Writing?

Music is my soul, so I’m often practicing, composing, or recording. I also have fun hosting a weekly radio show, and I have developed a love of the early morning walk in nature.

Are There Any Rituals You Must Perform Before You Can Start Writing?

Not really. I suppose I might have a cup of coffee with me but even that’s not a rule. I just sit and do, whether it’s on the couch, on the patio, or in a coffee shop!

What Has Influenced You Most As A Writer?

I think the desire to inspire and teach is the biggest driver for me. I’m not really concerned with self-expressions or whether people understand me as a individual, but if I can help people understand the world or themselves in some way (hopefully while making them laugh in the process), I’m a happy camper! I can’t say I have any role models, per se, but, come on. Who wouldn’t want to write the next Harry Potter series? 🙂

Do You Have Any Advice For Other Writers?

Just spend time writing. Don’t worry about what actually comes out of you or judge it as good or bad. You can sort things out later on. Try not to censor yourself and just write!

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