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Author Spotlight – Tania Stephanson

Where Did Your Writing Journey Begin?

In 2009 I was on maternity leave with my first child. I was enjoying watching the Lord of the Rings movies and it sparked a wave of creativity. I began to dream of this new world of my own. My husband suggested I start writing it down, so I did. Then my mother in law suggested I attend the Selkirk Library writer’s workshop. After that, my writing journey took flight!

What Do You Like To Do When You’re Not Writing?

I work full time in manufacturing as a Production Planner. In my personal time I am a hockey mom, which normally takes up most of my time. But I miss the days of song-writing, singing and baking cakes.

Are There Any Rituals You Must Perform Before You Can Start Writing?

If earlier in the day, I make sure I have a tea and snacks. If it’s dark (early morning or later evening) I turn on my Beauty and the Beast rose lamp and light a candle before I start.

What Has Influenced You Most As A Writer?

My biggest influences for developing my skills as a writer, would include reading other published authors, playing video games and learning from more experienced writers. For example Tyra Masters-Heinrichs and Ishbel Moore.

Do You Have Any Advice For Other Writers?

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and write your truth, no matter how others may view it. Or how shocking it may sound when you read it aloud.

Where Can People Find You Online?



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