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Author Spotlight – Don Schaeffer

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Where Did Your Writing Journey Begin?

I became a poet by default. I was writing aphorisms in college like my idol Franz Kafka. Poems are like aphorisms. I called them poems.

What Do You Like To Do When You’re Not Writing?

I’m retired. I diddle around. I paint, take photographs, make videos, visit my kids and grandchildren (2 here 2 in BC)

Are There Any Rituals You Must Perform Before You Can Start Writing?

The poems usually occur to me in the middle of the night or some inconvenient time. I have to grab my tablet and get them written before they vanish.

What Has Influenced You Most As A Writer?

I am a trained social psychologist–so I observe. The poetry started when I joined on-line poetry forums. I also write blogs for money.

Do You Have Any Advice For Other Writers?

Be adventurous. Tell the truth even if it is not pleasant.

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