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Arthur E. Ammeter

Arthur retired after 32 years in the classroom, having taught English, French and History at the High School, Junior High School and Elementary French Immersion levels. He likes to work with dogs, cats, and horses in his spare time. Arthur enjoys writing short stories and poetry and he has also written inspirational and devotional material […]

Conni Cartlidge

Conni has been enjoying books all her life. When she was little, her mom took her to the library weekly and her dad read to her every night. Now a college instructor and parent of three grown children, she writes stories about the places she likes and the people she loves. She sometimes shares her […]

Teresa-Lee Cooke

Teresa-Lee Cooke (Terry) has enjoyed reading and writing for many years now. She has been involved in musical theater, singing, and as a volunteer performer at Folklorama. Her love of music and theater has drawn her to the “spoken word” type of poetry and many of her works lend themselves to performance. Up until a […]

Debra Dusome

Debra Dusome is the Past President of the Lake Winnipeg Writers’ Group and has been with the group since 2002. She lives outside of Petersfield, Manitoba on a piece of property affectionately called “The Twenty Acre Wood”, with her partner Brenda, Brenda’s parents and four dogs. Debra likes to write from real life, addresses social […]

Germaine Gougeon

Germaine Gougeon is the newly published author of Sensory Overload, the journal she kept while on a month-long photographic safari in Kenya, Africa. It is currently available at Tergesen’s in Gimli and on the shelf and online at McNally Robinson Booksellers in Winnipeg. Germaine comes from a long line of storytellers and poets and loves being […]

Jeanne Gougeon

View Jeanne’s stories and poems: Off The Line The Light, the Dark, and the Yummy The Unlikely Poet Three Old Men

Pamela Larner

Pam says…Moving to Beach Country a year and a half ago was like coming home. The Lake, the landscape, the lovely variety among the artistic people I have met here, all have encouraged me to become serious about my writing. Much of my inspiration comes from my teaching career, a life-changing period of which was […]

Chuck Lovatt

After moving to the city in my early twenties, and roaming much of the world for another twenty odd years (and they were odd), I discovered that the place best suited to me was out in the middle of nowhere…which is pretty much where Carroll Manitoba is, about half an hour south of Brandon, in […]

Bill Martin

Bill began writing poetry about twenty years ago and has published in The Interlake Arts & Leisure Magazine, The 122 Annual Icelandic Festival of Manitoba Souvenir Program,The Interlake Enterprise and Voices, the Journal of the Lake Winnipeg Writers Group. Bill and his wife Sharon live in a straw bale house about one hour north of […]

Tyra Masters-Heinrichs

I want people to not just read my stories but fall in love with my characters, get swept up in their lives. I want readers to be transported into other possibilities. When a reader puts one of my stories down I want them to remember it like an old friend. Reading, like writing, is a […]