Creative writing in Manitoba's Interlake.



2016 photo of group from left to right: Marlene Ness - Vice President, Ruth Asher - Membership (on laptop), Pam Larner - Secretary, Tyra Masters-Heinrichs - Publication, Debra Dusome - Treasurer, Jeanne Gougeon - President, Maurice Guimond - Editor.

.We hold our monthly meetings, slams and writing events at various locations in the Interlake.


A Message From Our President...

Twenty years. How many groups can boast that kind of longevity, that level of passion and commitment? Well, this one can.

I personally joined the LWWG a little over seven years ago, and I can honestly say that my writing skills have vastly improved. I have built connections to the writing community across the continent and I found the motivation and support to keep at it, even in the darkest moments of self-doubt. So can you.

The LWWG is a community of writers dedicated to cultivating new talent, honing the experienced, and getting our stories out into the world. We publish hundreds of copies twice a year, in every genre. We feature local artists on our covers and within. We have contests, events, workshops, and readings. Every submission that goes into our publication goes through professional editing, formatting and a minimum of three critical proof-readings.

Oh, and I’ve been published a dozen times or so since joining. All that for thirty bucks a year. I would call that a bargain.

Reveal your skills to the world. Join us.